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The cost to install a gutter system will take into account things like the type, cost per linear foot, and whether it is a commercial or residential installation. Your installation expert is the best source of information about the cost of installing a rain gutter system.

Trying to install a rain gutter yourself might end up taking longer and costing more than you think. A professional installation company will assess the work that needs to be done and provide a quote and an estimated time for completion.

Gutters are installed and attached to a fascia board. The fascia board is a type of roof trim commonly found on houses. It protects a home’s interior for weather damage and offers an attractive appearance. When gutters are attached to fascia boards, they are easier to secure.

Gutters are necessary to direct rain water away from the home. Unfortunately, they stop working properly if they become clogged. Gutter guards help protect against debris, dirt and other buildups.

There are several ways, actually. By not having rain gutters to direct the flow of rain running off of your roof, it is possible to undermine the concrete that is the very foundation of your home. No rain gutters can also allow run-off to enter your home beneath exterior doors, causing massive interior damages. The possible damages are not limited to your foundation, either: Doors can begin to warp and the moisture buildup at exterior walls can be a root cause of mold in your home. Adding rain gutters to your home is an inexpensive way to help avoid what could be catastrophic repair costs in the future.

Other than the occasional cleaning, which can be minimized further by installing covers, there is very little in the way of maintenance required. Unlike steel, it is not necessary to repaint them to maintain their looks, nor will they ever rust.

One simple way to tell is to just take a walk around the outside of your home. Look for: mud/dirt splattered on the stucco, paint splitting or peeling at the bottoms of your walls and doors, grooves worn into walkways or ruts in your landscaping, moss or mildew on the walls.

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